Connect VPN using VPNStreamer Android App

Steps to Connect VPN using VPNStreamer Android App:

1. Please install VPNStreamer Android app from Google Playstore.

2. Once installed, please tap on the VPNStreamer app icon.


3. You will see the list of countries where VPNStreamer has its servers. Please tap on any country to see the servers.


4. You will see the list of VPNStreamer servers in that country. Please tap on any server which is online to connect to that server. Server which is online shows a green dot icon.


5. This will show you a popup to fill in the VPN username and password. An email from VPNStreamer team will have your username and password. Else, please go to next step to find your VPN username and password.


6. To find your VPN username and password, kindly open in browser, and click login.


7. Login with your account username and password.


8. Click Services


9. On the page that opens, select your subscription through which you want to connect.


10. On the next page, you will find your VPN username and password as shown in image. Please use this VPN username and password for VPN Connection form.


11. Once you have all information, enter into VPN Connection form and click the green Login button.


12. VPN will be connected and your new IPV4 will be shown to you.


13. You may also check your IP by typing ‘what is my ip’ in browser.

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