Connect VPN on Windows PC (without any App)

Steps to connect VPNStreamer VPN on Windows PC (Desktop and Laptop):


1. Press ‘Windows / Start’ button on your keyboard. Type ‘VPN’ or ‘Manage virtual private networks’, and you will see the option of Manage virtual private networks or Manage VPN. Select that option.



2. On this page, click on ‘Add a VPN connection’.



3. This will open a form. Enter information as shown in this image.



4. To find your VPN username and password, kindly open in browser, and click login. Login with your account username and password.



5. Click Services.



6. On the page that opens, select your subscription through which you want to connect.



7. On the next page, you will find your VPN username and password as shown in image. Please use this VPN username and password for VPN Connection form.



8. Once you have all information, complete this form and click Save.



9. New VPN connection will show in this list.



10. On desktop, click connections icon.



11. Click on your VPN connection, and click ‘Connect’.



12. And your VPN is connected.



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