VPN for Android

Encrypt your data, hide your online activity, and stream content from virtually anywhere with a VPN. VPNStreamer service lets you Quickly set up your VPN with a dedicated Android app. Protect your data with privacy and encryption. Connect multiple devices with one account.   Frequently asked questions Does VPNStreamer keep logs? VPNStreamer does not store activity logs and no connection logs. VPNStreamer also doesn’t store any data […]

VPNStreamer – VPN for American Netflix

Started as the world’s first online DVD rental store, Netflix is such a big deal now that you are likely to find a dedicated button for it on your TV remote. However, wider international expansion came with certain limits and blocks. Some of which you can bypass with a VPN. Now, you can enjoy seamless experience of US Netflix with your VPNStreamer VPN.   1. […]

Connect VPN on iPhone (without any App)

Steps to connect VPNStreamer VPN on iPhone: 1. Unlock your phone and open the ‘Settings’. 2. Tap on General . 3. Scroll down and tap on VPN option. 4. Select ‘Add VPN Configuration’ here. 5. Tap on ‘Type’ 6. Select L2TP for VPNStreamer VPN. 7. Fill following information in the form that opens — 6.1. Description = Any name you want, like VPN Streamer — […]

Connect VPN using VPNStreamer Android App

Steps to Connect VPN using VPNStreamer Android App: 1. Please install VPNStreamer Android app from Google Playstore. 2. Once installed, please tap on the VPNStreamer app icon.   3. You will see the list of countries where VPNStreamer has its servers. Please tap on any country to see the servers.   4. You will see the list of VPNStreamer servers in that country. Please tap […]

Connect VPN using VPNStreamer Windows App

How to connect VPN using our VPNStreamer Windows App 1. Download the VPNStreamer Windows VPN Connection App by clicking here. 2. Once the installer is downloaded, click on it to run the setup and install app.   3. If an agreement is shown, click on ‘Install’ button.   4. On next screen, click ‘Yes’. Setup will start.   5. Once the setup is complete, it […]

Connect VPN on Android Phone (without any App)

Steps to connect VPNStreamer VPN on Android Phone: 1. Unlock your phone. 2. Open the “Settings” app. 3. Under the “Wireless & networks” section, select “More”. 4. On the next page, select “VPN”. 5. On the top-right corner you will find a + icon, tap it. 6. Enter following information in the form that opens — 6.1. VPN Name = Any name you want, like […]

Connect VPN on Windows PC (without any App)

Steps to connect VPNStreamer VPN on Windows PC (Desktop and Laptop):   1. Press ‘Windows / Start’ button on your keyboard. Type ‘VPN’ or ‘Manage virtual private networks’, and you will see the option of Manage virtual private networks or Manage VPN. Select that option.     2. On this page, click on ‘Add a VPN connection’.     3. This will open a form. […]

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